Family Photography

Family. The word conjures up more emotions than any other six letters could otherwise. For some, the earliest thoughts of family revolve around home, of hazy memories draped in nostalgia, and of knowing what it meant to belong. Needs were simpler, and as time shut doors, eras were lost.
For others, the earliest memories of family might evoke a complex array of emotions—of patterns to break and of dynamics to escape. The actual experience of what family was may have provided some incredible incentives to change the meaning of the word.
We grow and change. We create new families, new senses of the dynamics we used to know—mom, dad, brother, sister—and we look idyllically at what these relationships can mean now. Perhaps it is a recapturing of what was or an optimistic adaptation. Perhaps it is a new start. As much as family can mean different things to different people, one truth remains: The very definition of what family means changes more every day. And at a rate faster than we’ve ever known before.