About Rex Studio

REX STUDIO Singapore was established back in November 2011 as an international branch of a well-renowned photography enterprise in South West China. We offer a series of photography programs in the fields of Fashion, Wedding, and Commercial Advertisement. Our goal is to create a unique and inspiring studio that provides local photographers a powerful stage for their talent.

We want to build strong relationships with the leading studios in Singapore as a way of empowering the Singapore-China photography community and developing the tourism photography market. REX STUDIO is composed of energetic, diversified, and talented photographers. We believe that there are no racial boundaries or age differences when it comes to art.

Over the past decade, our in-house photographers have garnered various achievements and awards in their respective fields of photography. They have also earned several opportunities to work with professional models and stars. Backed by an exceptional management team in South West China, we are putting our best foot forward upon entry into the photography market of Singapore. With its urban environment, diversified racial cultures, and rich historical background, Singapore provides the perfect landscape for the craft of photography. As the little dinosaur of Asia, REX STUDIO will push further into the photography market of Singapore. Here’s to great expectations!